Thursday, March 28, 2013

Third Trimester and Month 1

Third Trimester:

The third trimester wasn't bad. It was about what I had expected based on the little information I found. I hit rock bottom and I was super tired all the time, had trouble focusing, and the worst part was that I couldn't fall asleep when I wanted to.

Not to mention at night I was burning up and had a hard time getting comfortable.

Baby Luke ended up joining us a little sooner than expected. I started having high blood pressure at about 36 weeks. This lead to a stay in the hospital for a day to figure out if I had pre eclampsia. Luckily, that came back negative, but my blood pressure stayed high and at one of my doctors visits it was as high as it had been in the last two weeks so since I was fully effaced and he was so low, we decided it was best to go ahead and induce.

Fortunately, I didn't need the pitocin. They gave me something to prime my cervix on Wednesday night, that was supposed to work over 12 hours and at 7am they would start the pitocin. I only needed 20 minutes...after that I was in labor. At about 7 the next morning my water broke, an hour later, little man was born. No pitocin needed, I guess my body just needed a little push.

After the birth, my symptoms stayed gone for a day or two, but since then they have been back close to full force. I'm sleepy all the time, driving is getting harder, my focus and motivation is close to non-existant....

I really wanted to breastfeed. Apparently little man is a "lazy eater" so I ended up pumping exclusively. It worked well for the first month, but not being able to focus and do the simple tasks around the house was causing a lot of stress.

1 month:

Since little man is 1 month old and he has been doing well on formula, we have decided to stop breastfeeding and switch to formula only so I can start taking my medication again. After talking it over with my family, we have decided this is best for everyone. I need to be able to be a functional mother, wife, and member of society.

This first month of life has been amazing. I love every moment I get to spend with him. Still learning all the little cries, but I think we are getting it down.


  1. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, so I understand the lack of motivation. I use FlyLady to help me through life and all of it's surprises. The website is I'm glad you have a happy healthy baby, he has an excellent mom, and dad from what I've heard. ;)

  2. Props to you for doing the pregnancy with no meds. It's seems like a huge gamble to do Xyrem et. al during pregnancy, and I'm surprised at how many moms just do it, simply because there aren't any reported cases of issues/defects yet. Xyrem's a young drug, and some issues can be latent, so I think you definitely made the right choice, even in the face of the immense personal sacrifice it cost you. Go you!